Raf Simmons ss 2013 presents retro ideas with ultra-linear cuts for menswear.


With his first collection for Dior approaching, this will not be the last Raf-themed post, and nor will that make me the only person. I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in following his every move, when you’re this good fanaticism on this scale is to be expected.

In a precursor to the spectacle of couture (and considering he did a whole trilogy of couture inspired collections for Jil Sander I’m not even going to try and guess what he’ll do with the Dior ateliers at his disposal) here is the latest menswear offering (SS 2013) under his namesake label.

It seems he’s revisiting his past, as Tim Blanks succinctly put it, “it was obvious that he’d gone back to reflect on his past by boarding that what-brought-me-to-here? train of thought that often follows on the heels of great good fortune.” Such a reflection makes you realise the impact he has…

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