MMM chops up fashion with summer phrases & cult patterns.


With shout-outs from Watch The Throne duo Jay-Z and Kanye West themselves, in addition to the Margiela’s own previous elite reputation, there were great expectations for the Maison Martin Margeila Spring 2013 collection. Margiela lived up to the expectations producing a monochromatic collection, with the centerpiece being…you guessed it, Maison Martin Margiela jackets.

The simplicity in colored allowed for freedom for genius creativity and complex detail as well as risks to be taken, allowing a variation in style in reference to the men’s jackets. Not only did the style of the suits vary from slim shawl collars, razor-sharp two-pieces, luxe trenches, to sleeveless double-breasted suits, but the fabrics varied as well.  This is demonstrated by the inclusion of the shag-fur fabric on a vest, the amoeba-print of an ascot, and a full-on quilt of military patches covering a trench coat.

What’s that jacket, Margiela? Of course, as if you didn’t know…

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